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Bernd Voss, a gift for your ears. - GOFEELIT
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Bernd Voss, a gift for your ears.

Bernd Voss, a gift for your ears.

Recently, we had the great honor of interviewing one of our most renowned local artists, who is actively collaborating with GOFEELIT*: Bernd Voss.


Bernd is a music lover. He studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bremen and later traveled to the United States to learn fresh American pop styles and sounds. His taste in guitar sounds would take him to Andalusia, Spain, where he’d discover his own style. More information can be found in the biography of his website.

 At the end of the 1990s, Bernd settled in Seville. He arrived with a suitcase and a lot of willingness to learn Spanish and its culture, particularly our flamenco music. Bernd’s achievements have never stopped growing from the time of his arrival to the present date. After playing with great artists from our country like Miguel Ríos or Los del Rio, who’s never danced “La Macarena”? He’s currently playing with artist Pastora Soler on her “La Calma” tour and working actively on multiple projects such as “Guitarraviva.”

 After this extended and interesting talk, we wanted to ask some questions for you, our dear readers and future students.

 What do you feel as a musician and guitarist when you play flamenco? 

 I feel profound respect for this art that transmits passion and many emotions and feelings. 

I still remember the first time I came to Spain, I saw expressions everywhere. People smiled at you, greeted you. Well, there was also someone else who had an “ugly” face (laughs).

I understood why Spaniards are like that when I began studying flamenco, full of passion “¡Olé!”. It is their way of conveying at every point in time what is reflected in their soul. And those emotions are converted into art through music, flamenco. Under its magic spell, I’m in love with flamenco. 

Why a German living in Spain? What else sparked your interest in this country? 

 I’m married to a beautiful Andalusian woman, there’s nothing else to talk about (he laughs while he is looking at his wife sitting at the back of the room).

 I love my home-country –  it is important to know and recognize your own roots. There, in Germany, we idealized the warm sunny weather and the friendliness of the people in Spain. Well, it turns out that my dream came true. The weather here is perfect … maybe in summer, it’s a little hot (laughs as he touches his forehead to wipe the sweat). And then, as I told you, I met the most kind, lovely and charming person that life could ever  have introduced me to, I could not let her escape (laughs, again)

 What do you like most about sharing with other people from other countries: your music, flamenco, the Spanish language and culture? 

The experiences that can be lived here with the Andalusians, who are very open and fun. 

 He still remembers his first Spanish guitar. Back then, after Spanish classes, Spanish-guitar lessons were offered. Bernd felt from the very first moment the call or “chord” of the instrument. He needed a guitar, and his first and old neighbor “Antonio” gave Bernd his most valuable treasure, his guitar. It was a very special guitar, one with a soul and solera or “zolera” as he used to say in his beginnings. His neighbor told him all his life as well as his adventures with his guitar. He was a flamenco guitar player who used to play with the best artists and stars of flamenco and copla, such as Lola Flores “La Faraona”, and other important artists of that time. However, according to Antonio, the best of his memories was when the great Paco de Lucía played his guitar once. The conversation is lost in thousands of anecdotes that Bernd´s neighbor used to tell him.

A little bird told us you have just published your first guitar album “En Tus Casas”. Why your album’s name?

It’s my humble homage to the Andalusian people and their hospitality, hence “En Tus Casas” (in your houses).

What better way than with my beloved guitar to express this appreciation?


En el olivo y la viña estuve

y tus tierras me abrazaron

entre el blanco y los azules.

La costanera de tus campos

araña verde el horizonte,

entre aceituno y dorado.


Andalusia (free translation)

In the olive tree and the vineyard I was

and your lands embraced me

between white and blue.

The waterfront of your fields

spider green the horizon,

between olive and golden.

He recites the first two verses of this beautiful and lovely poem “Andalusia”. He takes out his cell phone from his pocket and shows us the complete poem. You can read the complete poem with personal comments on his website  

Why would you recommend GOFEELIT*?

Because it is managed, to the last detail, by phenomenal experts who care that each and every person has  a distinctive experience. I still remember when I came to your school and you showed us the recipe for the Spanish omelet and the Andalusian salmorejo, that delicious cold-tomato soup that was so refreshing and with that unique garlic and vinegar taste.. 

I remember that you taught us why Spaniards spend so much time outdoors by enjoying their social lives, such as a good chat with friends. That´s amazing!I loved to learn about the atmosphere of the tapa-bars during the excursion activity of the route of the “tapa”, a wonderful experience for all my senses!! That drew me in and convinced me forever!!!.  

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