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Marga Jiménez. Atelier Gatronómico - GOFEELIT
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Marga Jiménez. Atelier Gatronómico

Marga Jiménez. Atelier Gatronómico




Tell us about yourself

My name is Marga Jiménez and I own 50% of a company dedicated to Spanish cuisine called “Atelier Gastronómico”.  We’ve just started out, but we’re very excited about our business because if there is something that I like, it’s my motivation, passion, what makes me feel good everyday, and the best of all is that I can work in my kitchen, my favorite place in the world.

Why the kitchen?

My sense of smell, among many other things, got me there. I can still smell, with such fond memories, the matalahúga doughnuts that my grandma used to make. And I can smell her potato omelette, the roast chicken, the freshly baked bread and so many other kitchen aromas… My grandma had a special gift for cooking, and that’s something I’ll always remember, I love it! I think it runs in the family (laughs). Looking back in time, I could see her love and care in every dish she made, all of them simple and delicious! Those special and magical ingredients, her tender loving care was what made everything perfect. However, it took me a while to become, professionally speaking, a cook.

I have another huge passion: teaching. Especially, teaching Spanish to anyone who wants to learn our language and culture. So, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to combine my two passions, cooking -gastronomy is a great part of our Spanish culture- and teaching. From there, Atelier Gastronomic was born, a place to learn how to cook. It’s as simple as that.

What’s so special about your job?

When we’re in a workshop, it’s like a time bubble, the world stops. It’s my time to teach someone to enjoy the pleasure of a kitchen, that’s the priority of our project. Then, we love the bantering of the participants, their laughter, their comments: “Try this!”, “Taste it!”, “um, how good is that”, “cut it like this”…, the best feedback we can have. Something we adore is the way our participants are watching the elaboration, step by step in every detail, tasting, smelling, listening carefully to the indications of the cook-teacher. That’s why it blends so well with GOFEELIT*, Atelier Gastronomico is a celebration for all your senses. 

What do you like to prepare more, Andalusian or Spanish dishes?

In Atelier Gastronómico we place great importance on the awesome and diverse cuisine of our homeland, both Andalusian and Spanish. It is a cooking style filled with contrasts, from the straightforward recipes of  northern dishes to the colorful Andalusian gazpacho, for example. For me, gazpacho and the potato omelette are the most versatile dishes of our gastronomy. Tradition and modern techniques can be used with them successfully. For example, “gazpacho” can be made in multiple variations, melon, cherry, strawberry, or the fruit you like the most, but making the traditional recipe is a challenge as well.

What about the Spanish omelette? 

Awww, I’m feeling so hungry right now. – Marga brings a colorful plate with a delicious potato omelette cut in squares- As you can see, I made different omelets with peppers, with chorizo, etc… you can add some other traditional Spanish products. And let me tell you, whenever I used to come back from a trip, I literally would smack my lips thinking about the potato omelette my mother had prepared for me. Yummm!!

Can you recommend some dishes?

Despite being devoted to gazpacho and omelette, there are other typical dishes such as paella, fried fish like “pescado en adobo” or our particular stews and soups. If I have to suggest some of them, my best recommendations are mixed-paella with fresh bell peppers, “sopa de galeras” (“galley” soup), chickpeas with prawns or the “a-feira” style octopus, of course there are more, but these are my recommendations for today. 

Would you like to say anything else to our readers?

Something very important about our traditional dishes is the taste of the products when they’re from the homeland… that’s authenticity. Take advantage of the possibilities that GOFEELIT* is offering you and try our cooking class! “Utterly delicious food!”


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