We offer luxury personalized experiences in Spain for your students that will make your school stand out.

Delegate the creation of the journey for your students to us and they will learn the value of true luxury based on real experiences that lead to positive transformations

We are Local Experts

As Spaniards, the programs we design for schools offer authentic and exclusive experiences far removed from mass tourism, we go where others do not

Personal Advisor

An exclusive personal advisor will be available to assist you throughout the whole process of planning and managing your trip.

Accompanying guide

Throughout the trip, students will be accompanied by a Gofeelit leader to attend to all the needs of your group.

Satisfaction guarantee

The customized design of the program will not be finalized until we accurately meet all the expectations and requirements of your school.

Integral management of services

Do not worry about everything and delegate the creation of itineraries, management of documentation, reservations, transport, travel insurance, etc. to our team

Extra benefits

One tutor for every 10 students will accompany the group and will travel free of charge during the program.

It covers all the NEEDS and INTERESTS of your group in an EXCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT.

Offer them the possibility to live a POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION through a UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE

Friends and family members are encouraged to travel with their student STRENGTHENING LINKS with the school and STRENGTHENING FAMILY TIES

You will privately enjoy a SAFE and PRIVILEGED

For 20 years, we have been working and listening to the education sector to offer trips to schools from a different perspective on how to understand and experience the concept of culture.