C/Rosa Chacel 8

Valencina de la Concepción

CP – 41907 – SEVILLA

Tel.: 650 909 336

Tel: (1) 203 314 5345


Elizabeth Miras - GOFEELIT
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I’m a born traveller. My entire life has been focused on travelling, but my interest in learning about other cultures and the idiosyncrasies of other ways of life have led me to living not only unique and thrilling experiences, but also extremely down to earth, authentic ones, avoiding whenever possible cookie-cutter trips that lacked creativity and a real connection to their destination.


In every corner of the earth that I’ve been, I’ve participated in everyday life and felt the experience to the core of my being, making memories from each of these places which have proven impossible to forget over time.


I truly value my time when I travel and I love to live every moment intensely. I’ve always thought that travel doesn’t really cost money, but rather is an investment in our happiness, our memories, and those indelible sensations that write our book of life and fill every chapter with unrepeatable life experiences.


For all of these reasons, is a project whose essence is the design of exclusive, exciting, authentic, luxury trips, laced with experiences that reach all five senses at every corner you turn, each activity you undertake, each meal you enjoy, each experience you have.


I’m excited to be part of your experience, I’m thrilled to be able to surprise you. I can’t wait to lend you a hand.