We are Pioneers

We have introduced the concept of real, experiential luxury travel in the education sector and offer the best experiences for students

We offer students an experience of positive individual transformation through a unique trip.

We take care of every detail of the trip to enjoy a differentiated product that makes the student feel good and that is aligned with their way of understanding travel

At Gofeelit we understand the real value of experiential and luxury travel. You will obtain a service of excellence.

We offer the possibility of extending the experience to the students’ families by designing parallel programs that strengthen family ties and forge closer links with the school.

We turn the trip into a meeting point between parents and children, thus creating an inclusive experience of a global nature between the school, the students and the family.

Due to its geographical proximity and historical cultural heritage, you will have the possibility to extend any of our travel programs to Portugal and Morocco, and make the most of your visit in Spain

A journey should be an opportunity for transformation that changes perspectives, unleashes imagination, inspires understanding and cultivates empathy.

“Personal transformation contributes to global transformation”

Here you can find some ideas for different travel proposals for your students,

It is important to know that you can expand the possibilities and combine them, as they are not mutually exclusive.
Remember that we design your school’s trip according to your needs and interests and that we are open to all the ideas that are proposed to us, always adapting to the interests of the school and the students.

Ideas for


Themed trips

The aim of this trip is to offer a totally personalized experience according to the preferences of each school.

Linguistic and cultural trips

The aim of this trip is to be able to make use of the Spanish language in an authentic cultural context

AP Trips

The aim of this trip is to work in an innovative and practical way on the themes of the AP immersion programmes

Sports trips:

The objective of this trip is to combine a sporting experience or practice in a context of cultural immersion

Educational trips with the family

The aim of this trip is to allow the parents of the students to enjoy a parallel itinerary while their children are doing their immersion programme

Solidarity trips

The aim of this trip is to promote cross-cultural dialogue by discovering other cultures, values and social behaviors.