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Inspiration - GOFEELIT
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We are so thrilled to present our project, with inspiration born from the dreams and vocation of two seasoned travellers who one day decided to live doing what they love most and are extremely talented at, a combination that gives you the very best of them both: providing luxury experiences in creative and surprising ways for people who, for whatever the reason, have felt compelled to pursue them.



Our purpose is ensure that our experiences leave a positive mark on the lives of the people who live them, which is why we steep each detail in sensitivity, emotion and creativity and design them with every detail geared at surprising our travellers and providing them with hard to forget memories tied into the heartstrings. We never stray from our standard of providing only exclusive and luxury travel experiences.


is a growing project with an extraordinary team in love with what they do each day, putting their warm, empathetic and resolute talents at the disposal of our clients at all times, thus dedicating the time you deserve to ensuring the success of every minute and detail of your authentic and unforgettable trip.


We understand the importance of quality time on your travels, which is why the value of resides in offering you top-notch experiences adapted to your preferences and ideas, and are always grateful for the trust placed in us to do so. The trip or the services you hire us for are prepared from a standpoint of communication and transparency, in order not only to meet, but to surpass your expectations.


People who choose to live the experiences led by are those who are looking for exclusiveness and novelty in their special, authentic trips where the fundamentals of discovering the local and idiosyncratic culture of a country they’re visiting by the hand of experts in the field, are seamlessly combined with living the sensations and intense, thrilling emotions that are created in the context of immersion. We are thrilled that you’ll be able to share that your trip was “different in every sense”.


At we design:

  • Exclusive, tailor made, luxury travel experiences in Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Feeling the andalusian spring: Holy Week and the Feria de Abril


  • Complete corporate incentives y event programs, both nationally and internationally.


  • Services for upper management of corporations.


  • Language and sociocultural programs for schools, foreign universities, and a training program in teaching methodology for local and foreign teachers and professors.