“Count on us to make your experiences innovative, exclusive and enriching”

As Mark Twain said:
“Travel is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness.”

Rafael P. Codina

Founder and Project Coordinator

Personal growth “as a tool to search for maximum individual potential”, cultural exchange, music or sports are some of my passions and traveling is one of my life purposes. Some of the most transformative and rewarding experiences of my career have occurred during some of my travels.

Traveling acts as a lever for change

It makes us more tolerant, empathetic, independent and aware, and helps us to make better decisions that will have a positive impact on all levels of our lives.

My mission is to design, organize and plan in detail and with the utmost care

The whole experience is tailored to the interests of the students and the philosophy of the school, so that they become unique, creative, personal experiences, full of intention and meaning.

It gives me great personal satisfaction

I hope that my proposals bring added value to the educational centers that I work with, and to offer a transformative experience for the lives of their students.

Elizabeth Miras

Founder and Project Manager

I am a born traveler. My whole life has been focused on traveling and my interest in getting to know other cultures and the idiosyncrasy of the people has led me to enjoy unique, exciting and very local, very authentic experiences, escaping whenever I could from capsulated, unrealistic and uncreative trips.

I value time very much when I travel and I like to enjoy intensely what I experience.

I have always thought that when we travel we don’t spend money, we invest in happiness, memories and unforgettable sensations that make up our book of life and that fill it with unrepeatable experiences in each one of them.

In every corner of the planet where I have been, I have participated in the life of the place and I have felt what each moment brought me in every pore of my skin, so now it is difficult to forget details of each of those places.

For all these reasons, Gofeelit is a project conceived with this essence in mind

Designing exclusive, exciting, luxurious and authentic experiences, bathed in sensations that affect all five senses in every corner, in every activity, in every meal, in every experience.