C/Rosa Chacel 8

Valencina de la Concepción

CP – 41907 – SEVILLA

Tel.: 650 909 336

Tel: (1) 203 314 5345


Rafael Pérez - GOFEELIT
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My good friend Eric Rolf always used to tell me “The universe is unimaginably well organized”; and as such, fruit of coincidence and inspiration, I’ve been able to turn my most far-reaching passion into a major personal and professional project.


I’ve had the chance to visit many countries, to live among people of different cultures and have had fantastic and unforgettable experiences in each and every one. A stranger’s smile, discovering a charming nook, looking out on a beautiful view, sharing a good conversation, tasting new textures on my palate, identifying new sounds, all the while focusing my attention on the small details from the perspective of cultural immersion, has sharpened my experiences into much more authentic and enriching ones. All of this has allowed to to know myself better and hone the talent at what I do currently, giving the best of myself to you.


My work with lets me be in closer touch with my creativity, my sensitivity and my personal freedom. I design, organize and plan unique and exclusive moments with the enthusiasm that I intend upon instilling in every proposal I make to my clients.


From I’m thrilled to share my experiences with you, and invite you to discover them personally. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you about what they found out there, go and feel it for yourself.